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So people apparently want me to write a blog
Blake Thomas in meta

Crazy, innit? I tried to start a blog a few years ago but stopped because nobody was reading it. Now that there's some interest, here goes for round 2.

This blog is a set of static pages auto-generated by a bash script. I decided to roll my own blog engine after being disappointed with various off-the-shelf solutions (most of which do not generate static pages well). The computer that runs this site is an overworked Amazon EC2 instance that doesn't need to deal with pushing three megabytes of Javascript and dynamic HTML for each page view. This should let me push much more actual content if I need to, which might let me do fancy stuff like just listing every post in a category instead of having to page through them, because these previews take up less than 1 kB each - the one for this post was 863 bytes at the time of writing, and that means I can have several thousand posts up before such an index page approaches the size of "modern" webpages. (for comparison, reddit.com loads 3.63 MB, google.com loads 1.53 MB, and cnn.com loads 10.78 MB with an ad blocker)

I figure people aren't coming to this blog looking for the pinnacle in web design either. I'm a systems programmer. The extent of my web design knowledge is Solarized and KISS. Works well enough for plain text.

I promise most of the content on here will not be web dev technical stuff or complaining about the state of the Internet - it's just that the current project I'm working on is, well, this blog engine. Other content should arrive shortly.